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About Patricia Kathleen and her work

I’m Patricia Kathleen, founder of Wilde Agency (, host of 3 podcast series, short documentary film maker, author, and international speaker.

My podcast series revolve around exploring the world of entrepreneurship as it partains to women, women-identified, and/or non-binary entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders.  Bottom line up front: as an entrepreneur who has successfully launched several businesses, I was astounded to look around at the age of 40 and find little to no blueprint or advise for women, women-identified, and/or non-binary entrepreneurs. The three seperate podcasts series were defined by my method of inquiry. 

Patricia Kathleen Talks with Female Entrepreneurs is an inquiry into the backbone, story, and current advise of wome-identified entrepreneurs I come across and that contact me. The scope is global and the industry I invenstigate is all inclusive. This series was launched in August of 2018 and has no end date in sight.

Patricia Kathleen and the Roundtable is my second series and was launched to investigate key issues surrounding entrepreneurship and business politics with a panel of guests (many of which have been featured and their entrepreneruship story explored on the Patricia Kathleen Talks with Female Entrepreneurs Series.) This series was launched in August of 2019 and has no end date in sight.

Wilde Agency Talks with Cool Companies is the most recent podcast series under Wilde Agency Media and is hosted by myself and co-founder of Wilde Agency Dathan Guiley. This series does precisely what the title purports, Dathan and I sit down with companies we think are cool and discuss what makes them so exceptional to us.

Prior to my current company and podcast series, I owned and shot for a fashion studio, made several short documentary films, and obtained a Master’s Degree focused in Art History, Criticism and Conservation. I have worked in settings ranging from the upper echelon of corporate America to my garage, and back again, twice over.

My podcast series, film & photography work, and the media shorts Wilde Agency Media creates for clients can be explored on both and here on my personal website:

I am always on the hunt for new projects, ideally immersed in interesting problems. You can contact me on either of my websites or via the social media links on those sites.